Changes in Facebook Marketing

If you are a business owner trying to reach new customers on Facebook, you probably have questions about the changes Mark Zuckerberg recently announced. Like, what do I do now?
Authenticity and Relationships; Essential in Digital Marketing

4 Characters to Avoid and Avoid Being: Authenticity and Relationships, Essential in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing you'll run across many characters. It’s hard to differentiate between quality service and people just selling stuff.

5-step process to avoid digital marketing indigestion (confusion, intimidation, skepticism)

Here’s a story you might relate to. Through it I outline the 5 steps I use when evaluating and creating digital marketing solutions.
Blogging Case Studies: Unique People, Unique Solutions

Blogging Case Studies: Unique People, Unique Solutions

Real-life case studies showing how you can create great content marketing (e.g. blog posts, videos, etc.) from your day-to-day business activities.
Adapting Your Offline Approach

Adapting Your Offline Approach to Digital Content Marketing

For small business, the gap between your offline and online content marketing is smaller than you’d think.