Marketing Wins: DODOcase Folio for iPad mini


I’ve spent months searching for a folio-style case for my iPad mini. I bought one a while back. It is pretty good, but has a fatal flaw. Limited / no access to the bezel. I searched Amazon, Google, etc. several times, but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. That changed today.

Path to a Marketing Win

  1. Saturday afternoon. Browsing Netflix for light yet educational programming
  2. Top suggestion: Brink: The Makers from Bloomberg… Looks promising
  3. In it, a feature about TechShop including a 3-5 second interview of DODOCase founder Patrick Buckley… Pause
  4. Whipped out my iPhone. Searched Amazon app for “dodocase”… Disappointing selection, but discovered they have a “Folio” option
  5. Switched to my Macbook Air
  6. Searched Google for “dodocase folio”… landed on DODOcase Folio for iPad Air… Switched to Folio for iPad Mini
  7. 5 minutes to configure and buy direct

This is a win for me because I finally found the type and quality of case that I’ve been looking for. This is a win for DODOcase because regardless of what was paid, earned or owned, they got me where I needed to be.

I appreciate marketing wins. Share yours.