Know where to be, what you say and how to say it when you plan, execute and measure with McKeown MarKeting.

Nothing’s cookie cutter when it comes to digital marketing. Your approach should be as unique as your business. With 15 years of experience in marketing and technology I will guide you through a process to define, build and measure marketing success.

As we progress, you will…

Conserve your precious
time and money
Attract larger and more
targeted audiences
Understand when, why and
how to adapt

The Process

1. Research and Planning

We start with a simple and solid foundation that guides every decision going forward. Deliverables include:

  • Crystal clear objectives, goals and milestones
  • Measurable marketing outcomes, and
  • A detailed definition of your audience

2. Message and Materials

Whether your objective is to establish thought leadership or simply inform, educate and assist, your messaging and content (e.g. blog posts, videos, etc.) must be specific to your audience:

  • Addressing unique needs and challenges
  • Concentrating on motivators and influencers
  • Available when and where it’s needed

3. Execution and Coaching

We develop a self-managed maintenance program – maximum autonomy / minimal impact. During this time you will master:

  • Your digital marketing process
  • Best practice tools and applications
  • Efficient and effective techniques

4. Measuring Success

Your goals and conversions are measured to evaluate effectiveness and establish value. Custom reports tell us:

  • Who your audience is and how they found you
  • Where they went and what they did
  • What’s working what and needs refinement